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Yo Vote! Mission

YO VOTE! is dedicated to empowering youth to become civically involved in their local communities. Build leadership skills, and grow into lifelong voters and civic participants committed to expanding inclusiveness, equity, justice, and fairness in democracy and increasing knowledge and awareness of local, state, and national issues.

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Yo Vote! Values

YO VOTE! is committed to creating a system of inclusiveness, fairness, social justice, and racial equity by expanding civic knowledge and awareness in local communities through empowering youth and growing lifelong voters and civic participants.

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Yo Vote! Goals

YO VOTE! will enlist youth, focusing on middle-school, high-school and college students, through a variety of outreach channels, including schools, teachers, parents, community groups, social media, etc.

We will provide up-to-date information, training, mentoring, and resources to youth to help them become voting and democracy organizers and lifelong voters and civic leaders in their communities.

We will utilize adult volunteers and parents for mentoring, resources, support, and guidance.

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Become a Yo Vote! student Volunteer

Yo Vote! Student Volunteers help introduce civics education to their local schools, organize their peers for social action, and bring visibility to issues in their community by proposing new Yo Vote! curricula.

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Students, make sure to ask a parent/ guardian for help when signing-up.

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