The Future Voters of the united States of America

Yo Vote! Mission

Yo Vote! empowers middle-school-aged youth to become civically engaged in their local communities, develop initiative and leadership on social issues, and grow into informed voters and lifelong civic participants.

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Yo Vote! Values

Yo Vote! is committed to expanding civic engagement in local communities by promoting inclusivity, equity and justice in our democracy and highlighting the impact of local, state and national issues.

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Become a Yo Vote! Teacher

Yo Vote! Teachers advance civics education by inviting Yo Vote! Presenters into their classrooms or by presenting Yo Vote! Curricula themselves.

Each presentation includes a Teacher’s Guide and Student Activities that provide additional context and aid in comprehension and retention of Yo Vote! Curricula. 

Yo Vote! rewards Teachers who help bring civics education to their schools with a variety of Classroom Goodies.

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Become a Yo Vote! student Volunteer

Yo Vote! Student Volunteers help introduce civics education to their local schools, organize their peers for social action, and bring visibility to issues in their community by proposing new Yo Vote! curricula.

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