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Advance civics education in their classrooms

Yo Vote! Teachers

Yo Vote! Teachers introduce civics education to their school by inviting Yo Vote! presenters into their classrooms or presenting Yo Vote! curricula themselves using companion materials. Their effort encourages students to become lifelong, informed civic leaders.

Yo Vote! Teacher's Guides provide additional context and answers to frequently asked questions to help teachers present Yo Vote! materials themselves.

Yo Vote! Student Activities aid in comprehension and retention of Yo Vote! materials by guiding students through research and discussions that broaden and deepen what they've learned.

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Yo Vote! Presentations

Yo Vote! Presentations explore topics such as Why Voting Matters and Democracy and Racism in an inclusive and accessible format for middle-school-aged youth.

Request a free presentation and Q&A session from an experienced Yo Vote! presenter using the link at the bottom of this page!

All of our presentations, teacher's guides and student activities are available online and to download for free!

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Why Voting Matters - Title SlideWhy Voting Matters - Title SlideWhy Voting Matters - Title Slide
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